labify hardware

  • what is labify?

    Labify hardware consists of three items:

    1- The Base is the command center managing all power and communication between the sensors within Labify and a smartphone device. 

    2- Sensor modules easily snap into the Base and accomplish multiple measurements simultaneously. Multiple modules measure the same phenomena but with different specs. This is what makes Labify powerful in delivering a consistent user experience while achieving a wide range of educational goals.

    3- Attachment modules effortlessly attach to the Base and allow the student or teacher to easily integrate the sensor within the activity or experiment. These can be magnets, velcro, suction cups, screw plates, and 3rd party interfaces like building blocks and other toys. 

  • what does labify measure?

    • acceleration
    • angle
    • angular velocities
    • temperature
    • pressure
    • force
    • position
    • velocity
    • gas concentrations
    • magnetic field strength
    • electrical properties

  • how does labify measure up to existing solutions?

    Labify is a new paradigm shift in how to think of scientific measurement instruments in the classroom. Labify is small, easy to use, expandable, affordable, and fluid in compatibility. The objective is to dispel the myth that data instruments are bulky, complicated, expensive, and rigid in form and functionality to be worthy of scientific exploration.

    Labify brings scientific accuracy from the Ivory Tower to K-12. It maintains relevance to teachers goals, and alignment to standards. Labify frees teachers from proprietary platforms and unlocks the ingenuity and creativity that teachers find in everyday objects.

labify stack

Labify Sensors Graphic1000px

position & velocity

gas and pressure


electrical sensor


measures acceleration,
angle, and angular
velocity in x, y, & z


hardware features



Labify goes everywhere
without cords that chain
the creativity of teachers
and students alike.

Labify modularity


The modularity of sensors
allow teachers to expand
their collection or capacity
of measurements without
breaking their budget and
eliminates redundancy.

Labify - Attachability


The modularity of the design
extends to the attachment
modules, those are suction
cups, magnets, velcro, etc...


Physics Labs - For Workshop 2102016-16

rechargeable battery

Labify only needs to be
plugged in once a week.
No need to have extra
batteries, you can charge
it with your phone cable.

Labify LED Status

status indicator

LED status indicator
provides battery charge


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+1 (512) 200-2040

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