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    what happens when pigs fly?

    Physics teachers use the flying pig toy to showcase circular motion to their students. They cost less than $10 per unit and are effective in demonstrating how velocity, acceleration, and force can be related when traveling in an orbit. All this is possible with a simple toy. The flying pig represents the ingenuity of teachers in using readily available consumer products like toys as learning tools. We loved the flying pig so much that we called him Stemio. He became the official Labify mascot. What is not to love? He is useful and cute, and symbolizes practices that we want to encourage.

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    how do flying pigs 'labify' your classroom?

    Because labify is small, modular, and attachable, students can hook labify between Stemio and the cable and directly measure every physical phenomenon instantly (force, acceleration, angular velocities, tilt, etc...). They no longer need to struggle with uncertainty issues or be limited to cook-book experiments. Teachers mold the problem by hiding and revealing measurements to their liking. Flying pigs become fully fledged labs as sophisticated as the ones teachers buy for thousands of dollars. This is what we mean when we say labify -- it is to turn your existing hardware into elaborate investigative tools. 

  • how does labify measure up to existing solutions?

    Labify excels in creating a new paradigm shift in how to think of scientific measurement instruments. In contrast to existing solutions, Labify is small, easy to use, expandable, affordable, and fluid in compatibility. Labify dispels the myth that these instruments need to be bulky, complicated, expensive, and rigid in form and functionality to be worthy of scientific exploration. Labify softens the look and feel of these instruments and encourages play and discovery in the students’ eyes while maintaining scientific accuracy and relevance to teachers goals and standards alignment. Labify frees teachers from proprietary platforms and is aligned with current practices of using of everyday items and toys in the classroom. 

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    what science subjects can be labified?

    We are a good fit for physics, chemistry, and biology. We are concentrating on physics topics like conservation of energy and momentum, impact, and study of motion. We would love to hear from teachers on what they would like to labify.

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What can be labified?

The following schematics represent some ideas and sketches of activities that are inspired from teachers for teachers.

Friction Experiment with Labify

static friction

Pendulum Element Labify

harmonic motion

Using pendulum setup or ruler and pin.

Self Exploration Experiment Labify


wrist band add-on

Photogate Experiment Labify


Add rods on the track and Labify will act like a Photogate.

Air Cart with Labify Sensor


acceleration cart

Constant Motion Experiment Labify

circular motion

hollow rod and rope

Hinge Experiment Labify

static forces

Air Puck Physics Labified

conservation of momentum

air puck

Ball Encaps Experiment with Labify

gravity - acceleration

bumper add-ons to make gravity ball


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