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  • what does the labify app do? is it free?

    The Labify App allows students and teachers to easily visualize their experimental data before exporting to their preferred analysis tools (Excel, Google Sheets, etc.) with a click of a button. The reliance on prevalent smart devices relieves the need for an additional interface device.

    The app is free. We want every student (teacher too) to download and use the app and be an active participant in exploring the world.

  • what are the App features?

    Starting with a menu that lists all possible activities on a specific topic, the App displays the collected measurements that are relevant to a cook-book experiment. For more inquiry based activities, the static data page displays all the measurements connected to the Base, and provides real time graphing. All these features are easy to find with an intuitive design that gets the students exploring in no time.

app features

Labify app experiment list

navigation menu

Clicking on the menu, allows
easy navigation to pre-defined illustrated experiments.

app pendulum

illustrated experiment

For quick experiment setup, students can quickly start collecting data.

Labify app static page

static data page

Observe the change in variables transmitted and select measurements you want to display and graph.

Labify touch pairing sensor

touch pairing

Bring the phone close enough to the Labify
sensor and the pairing will automatically occur.
No fuss, no muss.

*coming soon

Labify app graph

real-time graph

Plot the data real-time with
zoom and pause functions.
Record multiple data runs.

Labify app recorded test list

recorded data

Browse recorded data runs
with the ability to review
and export out.

app settings


Students can change how fast the data updates on their screen and check the life status of Labify.

Compatibility Sketch


Download App on any
device, cross-platform
compatibility means
that students can use
it on their personal
devices without issues.

*coming soon.


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