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wireless modular sensors


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students explore ...

the world becomes their classroom

discover the components that

labify your classroom

Labify Hardware

Labify Sensors stack

Innovative & flexible sensor hardware that provide reliable measurements and custom functionality.

Labify App

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Collect  data with your smart device using our free downloadable app.

activities & experiments

Pendulum Ruler

Simply attach the labify hardware to everyday items available to you (example, ruler) and create fully observable experiments within seconds.

Labify sparks students

to play and learn

Labify is transforming the way students learn by inspiring intellectual curiousity about the world through play.  This is at the heart of STEM education. With well-designed activities, Labify emboldens students' courage and confidence to thrive in an increasingly complex and competitive world while keeping to the standard Core. 

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keeping our finger on the pulse of

what matters to teachers

Labify harmonizes perfectly with the current practices of today's teachers and the demands of tomorrow's technology and scientific markets that are hungry for new engineers and scientists. 


  • attaches to affordable paraphernalia that teachers commonly use to teach scientific phenomena
  • reduces the time teachers need to setup labs
  • streamlines the adoption of self-directed learning by making it easy for teachers

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